Boosting Social/Local/Open innovation is easy.
All you need is a crowd
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About W4P

If you need a way to crowdsource innovation projects, we might have a solution. W4P is an Open Crowdsourcing platform designed to host single projects that are searching for funding (donations or rewards based), volunteers, coaching or materials.

Easy to set-up

We've made our platform as lightweight as possible. Download our code, host it yourself and follow the installation wizard. Plus, our code is fully documented for those who want change features or looks.

Responsive Design

Not only does it look good on your desktop computer, it can be used on every mobile device as well. The front page is your project main landing page. No messy overview of multiple projects with different objectives.

Open Source

It's your platform, so don't be prude, make it your own, add your branding and colour schemes. Have a lot of projects and different topics? You can host multiple instances that be adapted to specific targetgroups.


Here is a first preview of how it might look like in the near future

Main page

Project landing page

Project commitment page

Showing types of support actions

Secondary pages

Providing extra information


How did W4P start?

  • March 2014

    It all started with a common problem

    Open Knowledge Belgium and iDROPS discussed about projects and quickly found that finding resources for small projects was a common problem. We thought crowdsourcing efforts would be brilliant but did not find the right channel. Hence W4P came to life as an idea.

  • September 2014

    An idea turned in a project proposal

    Six months later, we found the perfect project call. Chest project - Call3 was looking for Open Source innovation prototypes that could potentially transform social innovation. We submitted and hoped for the best.

  • October 2015

    Project approved, time to get to work

    Now we have just 8 months to research, code, build, test and iterate upon this project. Tight deadline but we have the experience and goodwill to make this succesful.

  • June 2016

    The future will hold an open crowdsourcing platform

    Our project period ends on the end of May, so in June 2016 we will have released our shiny new crowdsourcing template. By then we hope to have a few good cases and a lot of potential re-users.


We are a small team of organisations based in Belgium with extensive experience in digital/social/open innovation projects.

Open Knowledge Belgium vzw

Project lead

iDrops vzw

Pilot lead


Technical Lead

Contact W4P

Want to contribute? Want to be the first to host a W4P platform? Let us know and we will get back to you soon!